Think of us as your one stop shop for social media.

Why We Exist

Consistent content creation can be a real burden on businesses – especially charities. In a world where a strong social media presence is expected, it can be tough to meet this benchmark. Content For A Cause hopes to alleviate the stress of digital content creation on the non-profit sector.

What We Do

Content For A Cause works with you to create tailored packages of engaging social media content in line with your mission. We know how important it is for the not-profit sector to engage the community in their mission – whether it be awareness campaigns, events, or asking for financial support.

Our Mission

Content For A Cause aims to be the agency of choice in helping the non-profit sector educate, engage, and tell stories online. We aims to better connect charities and non-for-profits with their community through engaging content and digital resources.

We know you’ve got a million other things to think about, so let us take social media off your to-do list.

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